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Opening Your Pool - DIY or Not?

1. Pool opening.

You can DIY however saving “time” which always equals money it is best to call a pool professional that can do it for you!

2. Pool Cleaning.

You can DIY or even help eliminate the debris then call a pool professional. They will come in usually with help and have it done in a few hours what may take you all day. If you work full time and only have a day off that means your 1 day off was spent all day doing the pool. If you let a professional do it saving your day to do something you would rather be doing and they come in and do without the headaches and hassles.

3. Chemicals.

You can always DIY however pool professionals usually have a better product available which may cost more upfront that over the counter brands but in the long run you use less which in turn costs less down the road. Check around some pool company’s bundle some “shock” in with your pool opening.

4. Maintenance.

Most home owners can DIY maintenance on the home pool but again if you are “lacking time” and can call a professional they offer this service as well and can keep you pool clear all year.

5. Repair.

This usually requires calling a professional to handle. Check around and check reviews and references. Some simple repairs such as a pool patch or liner replacement can be simpler fixes but a pool professional should be called to do. Obviously replacing a pool pump or light etc requires experience so call a professional who has the qualifications to make these types of repairs.

6. Liners.

We all know that it is great saving a buck or two…. but in the area of liners you definitely “get what you pay for”! If you pay $300 off of the internet for a liner for your pool, expect to get a trash bag. Also if you pay a professional to install the liner, well there is no warranty, so they are not at fault when this gets a whole in it. Best to call a pool professional and buy a good liner such a VyNall they carry true mil liners. These will last several years instead of maybe one season. Well worth the $1200 price tag and a lot less hassle and headache for you!

7. Sand.

Well, please don’t run out to the hardware store and buy playground sand. This is not the type of sand is needed for your pool filter! Call a pool professional and they can get the correct sand for you. It will cost more of course for the sand for the filter but at least you will not be replacing the pump and filter which would be extraordinarily expensive considering the cost of the correct sand.

8. Closing the Pool.

Well this is a very important one. You can always DIY; however, unless you have already done this I would highly recommend calling a pool professional as this step done incorrectly can be the highest costing! It can cost your whole pool if done incorrectly.

Swimming and enjoying the summer is the best part of quality and down time make sure you call pool professionals to make your summer the best!

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Need help opening or closing your pool? We can match you to a service in your local area.

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