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Cost of Pool Cleaning

The cost of pool cleaning will depend on a number of factors. As a general rule, you should expect to pay between $30-40 for a standard pool cleaning visit. For a better idea of how much it will cost to have your pool cleaned, use the checklist below to help you make an informed hiring decision.

How much does pool cleaning really cost?

Here are the top five factors that will impact the cost of pool cleaning.

1. Geographic location
The number one factor that will determine the cost of hiring a pool cleaner is your geographic location. If you live in a big city, you should expect to pay more than someone who lives in a small town.

2. Size of the pool
In most cases, it will cost more to clean a large pool than a small pool. Additionally, if your pool has any unique features that make it more difficult to access, there may be an additional charge.

3. Current condition of the pool
If your pool hasn’t been cleaned in month (or years), you will generally have to pay an additional cost to get your pool up and running. This may include several shock treatments and additional chemical testing. On the other hand, if your pool has been well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, the cost of cleaning should be more affordable. Also, indoor pools (that do not fill with leaves and other outdoor debris) are sometimes cheaper to clean.

4. Repairs
The cost of pool cleaning will increase if your pool is in need of any repairs. Whether your pump isn’t working properly or your pool deck is cracked, any necessary repairs will add to the cost of a standard pool cleaning visit.

5. Signing a seasonal contract
You may be able to save some time and money by signing a seasonal contract with a pool cleaning company. For a flat fee, they will handle all of the maintenance and cleaning your pool requires for the entirety of the summer, including opening and closing service.

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